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Streaming Media

What is streaming media? “Streaming” allows the user to see a video or hear a sound or music instantly, as the file is downloading. Without “streaming”, the user must wait until the whole file is downloaded before they can hear or see it. Do Interspeed’s servers support streaming media? If so, what type (format)? Yes, […]


NetValue has partnered with the Bank of New Zealand to offer PaySpeed an online credit card processing facility. PaySpeed is an Internet-based credit card processing payment gateway that allows your web site to accept credit cards for payment, and processes the transaction in real-time, followed by the depositing of funds into your account for use […]


Important points * Always ensure you add the user/s to the database in your control panel or you will not be able to login to PHPMyAdmin * If you require more than 1 MySQL database, an additional fee of $10 per month (per database) is applicable. * If your website is hosted on a Windows […]

Data Centre

The key features in any data centre are redundancy and security. Data centre network hardware / Redundancy The network infrastructure is in most cases fully redundant. The data centre has multiple routers and multiple switches. Should hardware fail the built in redundancy ensures that any potential downtime is mitigated. Electricity The data centre electricity supply is […]


E-commerce Business Builders Use these tools to help your web site grow your business. You can secure web pages,  accepts payments online, help visitors find your site, add features to your hosting and much more. Open your web site for business. NetValue Secure Server All NetValue web site hosting accounts include free access to either […]

Shell Accounts (SSH)

Can I have telnet or SSH access to my Interspeed hosting account? Due to the ever increasing activities of malicious internet users, we have been forced to implement a mandatory policy that denies shell access.

Email Support

Need help setting up your new email account in your email client? Webmail can be accessed here. About Our Email Service Promote your business and yourself with a personalised e-mail that can be yours for life. And through MyPanel you may manage all of your email accounts online yourself. Get an email that means business For […]

CGI, Perl & Python

CGI Does NetValue allow me to use my own CGI scripts? Yes, certainly. Each Linux hosting account has its own cgi-bin folder enabled which you can run .cgi and .pl scripts from. This can be found in the root directory of your hosting space, alongside the ‘public_html’ folder. A cgi-bin can be created upon request […]

Website Promotion

How can I increase the number of people that visit my website, and how can I have my site listed on search engines? We see many excellent quality web sites. However, that is only part of the battle. You must be able to get people to your web site. For this purpose, NetValue can provide […]

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